Our Team


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Scott Dalton

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Scott Dalton is a native of Nashville, TN but rushed to Texas as fast as he could. Scott is a graduate of Baylor University where he earned a BBA in Entrepreneurship in the Hankamer School of Business and is currently finishing up a Masters degree at Truett Seminary. 

Scott began studying under Jeff Hatton  while he was a college student at Baylor. Through many years of study and training in the Gospel Arc, Scott began to develop a passion for personal and corporate gospel renewal. After assisting Jeff in training students for several years, Scott was named as the Executive Director of the Center for Gospel Communication. 

Scott's hope for the Center for Gospel Communication is that it will become a place for seasoned pastors and those who are new to ministry to come and learn to begin to build their lives, preaching, and other ministries around a continued experience of Jesus in and with all of Scripture.  



Jeff Hatton

Co-Founder and Chairman

Jeff Hatton has ministered to college students at Brown University, Harvard, M.I.T., Boston University, and other surrounding campuses in the Boston Metro area. He has also started campus ministries in the former Soviet Union, especially the Central Asian Republics. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Dallas Theological Seminary, and received his doctorate at Truett Seminary.  Together Jeff and his wife Nancy have a calm quiet home of 5 children (Cal, Bryn, Knox, Belle , and Ty). Jeff and Nancy arrived in Waco, TX in the Fall of 1998 to plant Redeemer and have never left.

Out of Jeff's experience training ministry candidates for 20 years and his own need for gospel renewal in ministry, Jeff created the Gospel Arc. Jeff's deepest desire is to see pastors and congregations undergo gospel renewal through the experience of good news over good advice.