The Center for Gospel Communication is all about one thing: helping communicators to experience Jesus in their preparation and delivery of preaching and teaching.

Anyone who has preached or taught for any period of time knows how frustrating sermon preparation can be. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what makes a great sermon, but hardly anyone focuses on the pastor experiencing Jesus while they prepare. What if there was a way to prepare that intentionally made space for you to experience renewal? In other words, what if there was a way to prepare to preach or teach in which you experienced the gospel afresh and anew

That's where we come in. At the Center for Gospel Communication, we are all about helping you, a pastor or gospel-communicator, to preach and teach in a way that breathes life into you and your hearers. It is out of this renewal that you will begin to shepherd, communicate, and to help your listeners and congregants begin to build their lives around Jesus and His salvation. 

We are here to teach communicators how to preach and teach good news, not good advice. 

If you would like to learn to preach and teach this way...welcome to the Center for Gospel Communication.